Korean Music Shows' Criteria

Latest Update: June 01, 2021

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ChannelShowAired time
SBS MTVThe ShowTuesday (6pm KST)
MBC MShow ChampionWednesday (5pm KST)
MnetM CountdownThursday (6pm KST)
KBSMusic BankFriday (5pm KST)
MBCMusic Core*Saturday (3:15pm KST)
SBSInkigayo*Sunday (3:50pm KST)

* Music Core & Inkigayo: it may be 5-10 minutes later / earlier depending on the channel's schedule

Current version / First version: for initial / rough predictions I usually post on Thursday & Friday. Sometimes it will be on Saturday if the big artists release on Friday. During this time, you can still stream, vote, and buy albums to improve the score for your favorite artist.
Final version: I will post on Monday (or Tuesday) for all shows except Music Core I will post on Thursday after Pre-vote ends / Gaon releases the chart for more accurate prediction.